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sophialooi MIA after asking for my a/c number. Asked if she’s still interested but received no reply after days. I wasn’t even saying u owed me money or whatsoever. Busy? I saw u were online and thought u were busy so didn’t bother to ask again. But still received no reply after a few days. That’s what made me mad. I understand your situation but at least make a simple reply or let me know ur situation and I will understand. I didn’t even give u a negative review (gave a neutral). But now I had to. Thanks.

The funeral at home has been sad enough and busy.. open phone and see such comments. I'm not owing u money.I just buy clothes.. more not to mention that I did not say that remittance is just an accident.. some one wants u ( clothes) to buy it for the other party... I won't blame u ....UNACCEPTABLE!!!


chelleboutique Great buyer to deal with! Buyer is very friendly. Hope you deal with me in the future. Thank you so much!❤️☺️


dean.dworks Friendly buyer who’s prompt with payment and response. 👍🏻

RULES:- Helping my family to sell some stuffs they don't need anymore*including my self*😬 No cod/meet Only by post Once the good sold cannot return or change Not responsible for lost and damage of parcel Tq🙏☺ Items sold Will deleted on my profile