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natia Desperate seller. Careful who newbie in here like me. Dont ever wrongly offer if u not buying from this irate insist seller. She can drag whole world to her story that we very very bad buyer. No civic at all. Start conversation with the bank details as if we so sinful if we not make any payment. She can drop negative comment n printscreen ur profile n make u famous in a bad way. Instead of positive comment u may find 1 story same situation like mine. Good luck guys. Des to clear my name? Its u

Desperate sangat to clear your name. Takpe. I believe in God. God will know the truth. It is never an enquiry as you claimed. You made an offer, i accepted the offer, sent you bank details and you replied ok thanks. That is not looking around. That offer means you're entering into a buying and selling transaction. Please don't pretend you're the victim.


amninaftn Great seller to deal with! Prompt delivery!


lissanazeri I really loved the lipstick I got! Well packed and very fast deal! Thank you!

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