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Cosplay & Lolita: Buy, Sell & Rent

Cosplay & Lolita: Buy, Sell & Rent

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"Are you a cosplayer or looking to cosplay? Or you just need a costume or wig for an event/ function?" This group is just for you. All you need and want about cosplay related items is in this group! We are very strict about making sure that this group is dedicated only to cosplay & Lolita related hence it’s well moderated to ensure you have a great time finding what you want. How to join? Make sure you post at least ONE listing in your profile indicating that you’re either looking to buy or sell anything cosplay OR Lolita related such as lolita dresses/ costumes/ onesies/ yukata/ wigs/ props etc. If you post anything unrelated to cosplay in this group, you will be BLOCKED immediately. We hope everyone will have an enjoyable time here in this group. Welcome! 🎉 Da Qiao: CN Shery Sheryl Judy Hopps: CN Ness Da Whale Cinderella: CN Angel HalloQween Sheryl Nome: Nana Chow

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    Welcome 🎉

    Hi everyone! This is your admin speaking, thank you for your interest in this group ❤ Thank you to Carousell for making this group possible. If you would like to join this group to list, please make sure you have at least 1 cosplay related item to sell in your profile, we will accept once seen. PLEASE REFRAIN FROM POSTING NON-RELATED PRODUCTS IN THIS GROUP. I hope everyone have a good time here. ❤

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    What is your understanding of Cosplay?

    For me, it means costume play. And it’s just that. Dressing up in a fairytale / superhero / villain / movie / cartoon / role play character. So why is this marketplace here filled with items otherwise? PS i hv in my list , Poison Ivy and Maid. I have more but yet to upload them.