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🍄 LACTE SOLO ELITE BREAST PUMP 🍄 🍄 NOW : RM339sm/RM360ss ( NP : RM401) LACTE SOLO ELITE BREAST PUMP ✔️ Lacte Solo Elite Electric Breast Pump ✔️ New Single Electric Pump Suitable For Home Cross Outside And Office Use. ✔️ Built - In With High Capacity Rechargeable Battery,Up To 5 Cycles At Single Full Charge. ✔️ Touch Button ✔️ Unique Soft Breast Shield Design,Reacting To The Pumping Rhythm Which Mimic Baby's Suckling For Maximum Comfort And Stimulation ✔️ Closed System With Anti-Backflow ✔️ 2 Phase Expression - Stimulation Phase & Exspression Phase ✔️ 5 Steps Suction Control ✔️ Easy To Read LED Indicator ✔️ Compact And Light Weight For Maximum Portability ✔️ Silent Operation ✔️ 1 Year Warranty,6 Month Warranty (Adaptor) PM/WhatsApp www.wasap.my/60173469381

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