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This bestselling hadcover book is a bran-new book and the original new book is sold at usual price RM 138.60. Now hardcover here Only at RM29. What is the secret behind every successful product? Why are people willing to pay more for a BMW than a Chevrolet? How could Apple iPhones represent only 4% of the world’s cell phone market in 2010 but take in 50% of the profits? The answer is QUALITY. In this provocative new book, bestselling author James L. Adams provides a brilliant, in-depth look at the powerful but elusive qualities that can make or break a product’s success. A must-read for managers, designers, manufacturers, engineers, and marketers, this groundbreaking approach will change the way you think about your product―and show you why it’s more important than ever to deliver the highest quality possible. In Good Products, Bad Products, you’ll learn how to: ● Maximize your product’s performance―and minimize the cost ● Appeal to your customer’s emotions―with elegance and sophistication ● Make sure your product is a perfect fit―that’s human, cultural, and global With competition growing stronger and fiercer every year, product quality has become the number-one factor in a company’s success. Adams points out that there will always be a stable demand for a high-quality product. By addressing every aspect of product quality―from the technical to the practical to the aesthetic―you can develop a product that your company will be proud of and your customers will love. Along the way, you’ll hear fascinating case studies of famous brands that became victims of their own success―like Kodak, IBM, Zenith, and GM―and struggled to recover lost ground. You’ll see how some countries like Japan surged ahead by offering better products than anyone on the globe. You’ll learn how some U.S. manufacturers remained successful in spite of the foreign market’s lower wages. And you’ll also discover the top industry secrets for prioritizing quality throughout the company, delivering products that are the best in their class. Now more than ever, quality matters. Good Products, Bad Products gives you the edge, so you can give your customers the best product possible. Good Products Bad Products is a very detailed book on how to improving the quality of products not just in terms of performance and profits, but also in terms of human-fit, aesthetic, craftsmanship, and eco-friendliness. Although this book was written in the context of the industrial products, the content is still extremely useful for anyone who involved in any kind of product design and creation regardless your role as the investor, operator, engineer, designer, or user. It makes you give the term “quality” a few thoughts from multiple angles and perspectives the book is provided. “Jim Adams is a gift. He understands the true essence of quality, blending ‘what works’ with ‘what’s beautiful.’ Here this master teacher shares his special wisdom: how to create that magical experience of a product we love, one that evokes ‘Wow, this is really cool!’ His timeless, inspired message could not be more timely.” ―Jim Collins, author of Good to Great and coauthor of Built to Last and Great by Choice About the Author James L. Adams is professor emeritus at Stanford University, where he chaired several programs, taught courses on design and creativity, and participated in many executive programs. Trained as an engineer and artist, he has conducted corporate workshops around the world and has written the bestselling guide to creativity and innovation, Conceptual Blockbusting.

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