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This international acclaimed management book in Hardcover copy is a bran-new book and wrapped with protective book-wrapper . The original new book is sold at usual price RM 152.00. Now hardcover here Only at RM48. ★ The 15 most powerful practices for guiding breakthrough productivity improvements in any company Management Lessons From Taiichi Ohno provides firsthand knowledge of the tools, techniques, and challenges to implementing the Lean values of the Toyota Production System (TPS) in an organization. Takehiko Harada spent four decades applying Lean principles at Toyota with Taiichi Ohno, and the motivating insights he shares on maintaining a Lean culture are peerless. More than a set of rules for managers and executives to implement, this personal guidebook is from the heart in an attempt to see other companies enjoy the rewards of the TPS values Toyota leaders dedicated their lives to serving. It puts you in touch with the actual people who learned the key to success is creating a workforce of smiling employees who find purpose to their work. Real-world examples from Toyota as well as other companies striving to practice TPS/Lean fully demonstrate: ● The 15 sayings of Taiichi Ohno―what his words mean and how his philosophies are practiced throughout Toyota ● The 4 Stages of Things―a very useful method for visiting the gemba, which is where the action takes place ● The managerial role―what management at the frontline should be, how it is different from a supervisor's duties, and the critical motivational elements to creating a vibrant, happy workplace ● Bridging the cultural gap―indispensable wisdom for deploying the Toyota method in non-Japanese cultures The author in this interesting, easy-to-consume book offers fifteen powerful practices from the Toyota Production System that will help boost the productivity of any company. Over several decades, the author has been working with the Lean productivity improvement system at Toyota with Taiichi Ohno and thus, it can be reasonably said, he knows his onions. The book is more than a series of dry rules, but a deep and practical explanation of the need for focussed change, aided by real-world examples to show the benefits that can be received. The book was originally written for a Japanese audience (but now translated into English) and thus it is viewed from a Japanese viewpoint. This reviewer did not notice this to be a problem despite the author’s caveat, even if some of the stated Japanese terms did not mean a lot when viewed in isolation. It all made for a pleasant, informative read in any case. It is a lot more than just a collection of thoughts and a stated route to take; it is a mixture of advice, observation and consideration yet as you read it, it just comes out as a stream of sensible, actionable advice. This book is one of those tomes that you can read many times, picking out different meanings, feelings and nuances on each occasion as your knowledge becomes more focussed and directed. It was interesting to note how many people misunderstand what the Toyota Production System is, even in Japan, wrongly believing that it is only something that affects production; the reality is that it can be utilised in nearly every situation as it is a method of working. Maybe this book will push away many misapprehensions and inspire others to consider its usage. A book like this should be essential reading for anybody in a position of management or leadership, even if you don’t consider you have a need or desire to change how your company works. For the generalist or just curious reader, it is still a pleasant way to spend a few evenings!

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