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This fascinating paperback bestseller is a bran-new book and the original new book is sold at usual price RM64.62. Now here Only at RM17. The most successful people play by the netwark rules. How can you do the same? Networks rule the world. Take any organization: a corner shop, a new venture, a gang of drug traffickers, the United Nations, Google, the place you work. They are all networks, with their own rules and values and ways of communicating. Everybody belongs to networks and they make a huge difference to our lives - to our happiness and to our opportunities. SUPERCONNECT looks at how the successful and fortunate few behave - and shows that if you want to be one of them, you have to play by the network rules. Acquaintances, friends of friends, distant neighbours, random encounters - all can put us in touch with new, different worlds that bring big breaks or surprising sources of happiness. We are becoming more and more connected - via the web, mobile phone technology and global media. How does this affect us? And how can we make the most of these connections? Entrepreneur Koch (The 80/20 Principle) and investor Lockwood break down the three types of connection-- ① strong links: long-lasting relationships with friends and family; ② weak links: relationships with acquaintances; ③ and hubs: the junction of several strong and weak links, such as businesses, social circles, schools, nations. The rock stars of social connections and networking are the eponymous "superconnectors"--individuals and businesses who are disproportionately connected (and significantly more successful as a result)--and their specific talents hold far-reaching implications for market structure, strategy, and industrial policy. Through lively case studies and stories, the authors explore how the Internet has changed links, the new rules and characteristics of a hyperlinked society, and how firms and individuals can benefit from the all-important weak links. Weak links, or casual contacts, are a crucial resource; requiring little work or effort, these relationships "deliver enormous dividends," and this smart and thought-provoking analysis explains how individuals and businesses can harness their power for almost any kind of professional advancement.

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