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Skyhooks for Leadership presents a seven-step process for leading change. It demystifies leadership and makes it attainable for people at all levels in all types of organizations. the Skyhooks model is illustrated by 19 authors representing five decades of the best thinking on leadership. You'll learn about Vision from O.A. Ohmann and Peter Senge; Trust from Douglas McGregor, Tom Peters and Bob Waterman; Open Communication from Chris Argyris, Tom Peters and Nancy Austin; Meaningful Work from Abraham Maslow, Fred Herzberg and Bob Waterman; Empowerment from David McClelland , David Burnham, James Kouzes and Barry Posner; Teamwork from Robert Tannenbaum, Fred Massarik and Rosabeth Moss Kanter; and Transformational Style from Robert Blake, Jane Mouton and James O'Toole. When your leadership matches the Skyhooks model, people don't avoid change. They see change as a way of life. Your leadership can help people reach for the dream, do what is right and do it bravely. This is a good overview of leadership theories. It may be overly ambitious in the attempt to bring together the best of each approach into one comprehensive system. It’s chief value is in exposing readers to the major leadership theorists and the terminology often used in this field. Authors and subjects include: Peter Senge – Shared Vision Douglas McGregor – The Human Side of Enterprise Thomas J. Peters and Robert H. Waterman, Jr. – Productivity Through People Chris Argyris – Interpersonal Competence and Organizational Effectiveness Here is a brief overview of the seven skyhooks: ☞Skyhook 1 - Vision: Develop and communicate a picture of an attractive future ☞Skyhook 2 - Trust: Convey confidence and respect for your coworkers’ abilities, values, and aspirations ☞Skyhook 3 - Open Communication: Share organization and personal data widely ☞Skyhook 4 - Meaningful Work and Motivation: Make work more than just a job by appealing to the heart ☞Skyhook 5 - Empowerment and Self-Determination: Strengthen individuals and teams through education, autonomy, and accountability ☞Skyhook 6 - Teamwork and Involvement: Make people partners by giving them a significant role in core business activities ☞Skyhook 7 - Transformational Style: Face change with optimism and a conviction that apparent differences can be reconciled in mutually satisfying ways

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