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This inspiring and award-winning bestselling book is a bran-new book and it is wrapped with protective book-wrapper. The original new book is sold at usual price RM 138.60. Now here Only at RM20. Herta von Stiegel shares the leadership skills she used to lead 28 multinational disabled people to the top of Mount Kilamanjaro--Africa's highest mountain--and explains how readers can apply them in any business situation In July 2008, international business executive Herta von Stiegel led a group of disabled people to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro to raise money for charity. The story was captured in the award-winning documentary “The Mountain Within”―and now the expedition has inspired this remarkable work, which blends the gripping tale with powerful leadership lessons and conversations with many of the world’s most influential business leaders: ● Kay Unger ● Sung-Joo Kim ● Dr. Joachim Faber ● Baroness Scotland of Asthal ● Marsha Serlin ● Dr. Karl (Charly) and Lisa Kleissner ● Martha (Marty) Wikstrom ● Sam Chisholm ● Minister Mohamed Lotfi Mansour ● Karin Forseke ● President and Lt. General Seretse Khama Ian Khama ● Christie Hefner ● Abeyya Al-Qatami ● Hon. Al Gore and David Blood ● Dr. Mohamed “Mo” Ibrahim Life may be full of obstacles, but it is the mountain within that most often needs to be conquered. No matter your challenges or where you are on your climb to the top, this unique work helps you become a resilient leader capable of guiding your team to achieve even the most challenging goal. Leadership Lessons from Herta von Stiegel’s “The Mountain Within.”: “This book is about leadership,” explains von Stielel in the introduction to her book, The Mountain Within. “The reason why is simple. We need a new brand of business and political leaders … who can relate spiritually and humanely to their fellow human beings, who can overcome challenges and exhibit innovation, creativity, and the courage to tackle obstacles as they arise. In this case, it was an actual mountain that was scaled. But leaders should realize that it is the mountain within that needs to be conquered, one day at a time.” In fact, the 16 leadership lessons in the book are the perfect guide for today’s business and political leaders. See some of those, below. Also intriguing are her conversations, which she recounts in the book, with some of the world’s most influential business leaders, including Al Gore, David Blood, Kay Unger, Sung-Joo Kim, Dr. Joachim Faber, Baroness Scotland of Asthal, Marsha Serlin, and more. And now, on to the lessons: 1. Resilience: Choose to Persevere. Whenever the outlook starts to look grim, don’t give up. Persevere when things are tough and you can’t even see the light at the end of the tunnel. Persevere, whether you are struggling across a boulder field or in a conference room, whether you are dealing with the secret police or with hostile executives who can destroy your career, even when (or especially when) you don’t have a penny to your name. Look inward and remember your high points, those moments of undeniable success that you have achieved. Look to your personal life also for the resources and guidance that you need—it’s not all about business. Remember that calm voice from inside that brought clarity to chaotic times in the past. Remember those moments when the stakes were high and you made it work. Perseverance is what gets us through, it is the first step toward bouncing back, brushing oneself off, and resuming one’s course. 2. Career vs. Calling: Hang on to Your Vision. People will discourage you. They may tell you that your vision of how you see your success is unrealistic, culturally wrong, unsophisticated, or impractical. But if you have a vision in your heart (if you feel it), you know it. Choose to do more than just build a career, important as that may be. Discover your calling, your passion, and pursue your vision—not just for money or fame, but also to make a real difference in the world. 3. Project Management: Divide Your Journey Into Steps. You best chance at reaching a goal that you’ve set is to survey it in its entirety; then sit down and painstakingly divide it into small, achievable steps. Not only does this promote progress, it reduces stress and gives you small feelings of accomplishment along the way. After all, we all need as much self-encouragement as we can muster. Another good idea is to hire and train employees who are able to master this technique. Rather than being overwhelmed, they’ll be optimistic and enthusiastic as they tick off each small achievement on the list. I’ll bet you that these employees will be the ones who are most likely to succeed—and, in turn, that will make your entire team successful. 4. The Attraction of Preparation: Ruthlessly Prepare. It’s not enough to prepare for the obvious. Preparation means assessing the entire situation that presents itself, and most importantly, the human beings around you. It means planning for contingencies and looking at that details in the most objective way possible—while never losing sight of the big picture. 5. Failure: Fail Fast, and Fail Forward. There will always be people around you—jealous colleagues, conniving up-and-comers, threatened leaders on the way down—who are ready to use your failure as a dagger. It is anything but. Each failure breeds more learning, and gives you a fresh frame of reference for a new beginning. Not only does failure lead to personal growth—it leads to success. The more you fail, the more you are trying. Don’t give up. Give failure its proper role in your mind: a place to dwell briefly, learn and reflect, and move on from quickly. About the Author Herta von Stiegel is founder and CEO of Ariya Capital Group, a Gaborone- and London-based fund management firm focusing on sustainable investments in Africa. An international executive with a consistent track record of building profitable structured finance businesses, she has held senior positions at Citibank and JP Morgan and, until 2005, was Managing Director at AIG Financial Products. A U.S. tax lawyer by training, Herta practiced law prior to becoming a banker specializing in international taxation and mergers and acquisitions. A popular and highly soughtafter speaker, she has been featured on CNBC, Fox, BBC, Bloomberg, SA FM (South African radio), BBC Radio 4, and in financial print media, including the Financial Times. She lives in London, England.

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