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This management bestseller in hardcover is a bran-new book and nicely wrapped with protective book-wrapper. The original new book is sold at usual price RM 113.00. Now hardcover here Only at RM33. An in-depth look at today’s most pressing business issues through the eyes of Peter Drucker―the father of modern management As technology, globalization, and business innovation advance at breakneck speed, the question “What would Drucker do now?” becomes more relevant by the day. More than anyone of his time, Peter Drucker understood how the individual, the organization, and society are interrelated. And no one better recognized and articulated the challenges facing all three―or came up with more practical solutions to those challenges. Since 2007, the Drucker Institute’s executive director, Rick Wartzman, has been asking what Drucker would do on a regular basis― in his popular online column for Bloomberg Businessweek. In each piece, Wartzman introduces a current issue and provides a view of it through the eyes of Peter Drucker, based on his deep knowledge of Drucker’s ideas and ideals. What Would Drucker Do Now? culls Wartzman’s best, most timely columns into a single volume, offering a perspective on business and society you won’t find anywhere else. Featuring more than 80 articles, the book is organized into seven thematic sections: ● Management as a Discipline ● The Practice of Management ● Management Challenges for the Twenty-First Century ● On Wall Street and Finance ● On Values and Responsibility ● The Public and Social Sectors ● Art, Music, and Sports Covering everything from the federal bailout of GM and the scandal at Goldman Sachs to the roles religion and race relations play in a well-functioning society, What Would Drucker Do Now? explores a range of subjects as broad as Drucker’s remarkable mind. Wartzman provides a smart, original, and provocative look at a world being buffeted by change and in which all organizations―private, public, and nonprofit―are searching for answers. What would Drucker do now, indeed? About the Author Rick Wartzman is the executive director of Claremont Graduate University’s Drucker Institute, an organization that advances the teachings of Peter F. Drucker with the aim of bettering society by stimulating effective management and responsible leadership. A former reporter and editor at the Wall Street Journal and Los Angeles Times, he is a columnist for Bloomberg Businessweek online and the editor of The Drucker Lectures: Essential Lessons on Management, Society, and Economy.

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