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天然翡翠笑佛吊坠 Natural Emerald Laughing Buddha Pendant Specification diameter 37.7 x 40.6mm


Johor Bahru





天然翡翠笑佛吊坠 规格直径 37.7 x 40.6mm 富贵平安 在佛教中,"佛"被认为是"天上、地下、人间的最高统治者",他管理着世间的一切,包括生命与钱财。只要你一心向善,慈悲为怀,多做善事,"佛"自会赐予你富贵,保你平安。 翡翠玉石,从远古起,人们对翡翠就无比珍惜,翡翠手镯在很久以前是“祭品”用作媒介物来祭天礼地,求神灵保佑,降福于人。 此外,翡翠还具有缓解人体的各种不适,从而达到祛病的作用。主要表现在翡翠玉可以起到降血压、缓解劳累、让人静气宁神等许多功效。从而会祛除人体内的一些疾病,同时也是减少一些疾病的发生几率。 戴玉功效:促进血液循环 翡翠玉还有促进人体血液循环的作用。其实这一点与翡翠玉的保养与祛病作用是相得益彰,而且都是源于翡翠玉石当中含有非常丰富的微量元素。 除了上述几点之外,翡翠玉还有许多作用,比如滋养毛发、解烦闷、明耳目等。 Natural Emerald Laughing Buddha Pendant Specification diameter 37.7 x 40.6mm Rich and safe In Buddhism, "Buddha" is considered as "the supreme ruler of heaven, earth, and earth." He manages everything in the world, including life and money. As long as you are wholehearted and compassionate, and do more good deeds, the Buddha will give you wealth and peace. Emerald jade, since ancient times, people have cherished jade very much. Jade bracelets have long been used as a "sacrifice" as a medium to worship heaven and earth, pray for the blessing of gods, and bless the people. In addition, jadeite can also relieve various discomforts of the human body, thereby achieving the effect of eliminating diseases. Mainly manifested in the jade jade can play a role in lowering blood pressure, relieve fatigue, calm people and so on. This will eliminate some diseases in the human body, and also reduce the incidence of some diseases. Dai Yu efficacy: promote blood circulation Jadeite also promotes blood circulation in the body. In fact, this complements the maintenance and cure of jadeite jade, and it all originates from the very rich trace elements contained in jadeite jade. In addition to the above points, jadeite has many functions, such as nourishing hair, relieving boredom, and keeping your eyes open.

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2020 Feb

Trusted seller. Item well packed.....Loved the earrings. Thanks