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Condition must be at least 8/10 ⚠Must be official I am looking for all sope and suga items,including the wings tour photocard,3rd muster goods and any suga official and fansite goods,if who are willing to sell,kindly inform me with price~ 💜Except 💜except for paper frame ver1&2,i already have it😊 💜except for SUGA pc from -all Korean ver BTS album -BTS NOW3 Sope card -BTS 2017 Season greeting -2016 BTS Live HYYH Epilogue DVD -3rd Muster DVD -2017 BTS Wings Tour Live DVD -wings tour pc: ver1:5,6,8 ver2:1,4,5,6 sope unit pc ver1& ver2 complete i already hav it😊 Thank you😊

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Johor Bahru, Malaysia

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