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🚈🚂LEARNING TRAIN🚝🚞 🎀LANGUAGE : ENGLISH SONG 🎀Walking are the best means of education. 🎀Children will more independent will not have to sit in the presence of parents and walkers with accessories such as cubes, Dolls and gears play. Resemble cars,, Stimulate the child's imagination 🎀Walkers can help learning balance and motor coordination, strength and increase child confidence 🎀Safety Walker 🎀The pushing baby walker with wheels to be easily moved .Therefore, it should be noted that the device can be safely placed in the hands of children who can squat, stand and take steps to coordinate and use of their toys have. 💥Harganya RM155 Postage RM12 Sm💥 📞Berminat untuk order boleh terus whatsapp WaWa Shopp di talian 01119405049✌🏼🙂TQ

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