26/33 CM Diameter Tempered Glass Material Digital Weighting Scale Weighing Scale

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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We are selling 2 types of tempered glass transparency weighting scale with different size of diameter. 26cm - RM 20 33cm - Rm 26 Description: Digital Weighing Scale with 8mm tempered safety glass platform. LCD Digital Screen. Size of LCD digits : 25mm Edge tap switch on. Equipped with high precision strain gauge sensor. Auto zero resetting/Auto off. Low power indicator/Over load indicator. Capacity : 180Kg Three design to choose. What Is In The Package: 1 Unit Of Digital Weighing Scale -Starting Weight: 7kg/15.4ib -capacity:- 150kg/180kg -Graduation:- 0.1kg/0.2ib. -Display:- 4digits LCD. -Power:- 3v CR2032 lithium battery. - Operating temperaturre:- 5-35 degrees Celsius. -Unit:- kg/ib. - Automatic Shutdown:- 8 seconds. - Low voltage display:- "Lo" - Error display:- "Err" - Overweight display:- "O-Ld" -Easy to power-up just lightly tap the scale -Runs on 1 button cell -Auto Power Off Function and auto zero reading -Easy to read large display sized 3 cm x 7.5 cm -Diameter" 33 cm or 13 inches -Shape : Round -Super slim at 6 cm. high easily hide under the bed or slip it in the drawer

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West Malaysia - RM 7 East Malaysia - RM 11