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Latest SEA Games bimetal coin is truly an eye-catching and a unique piece of art. The reverse dinar design displays its 1/8-dinar weight with its 999.0 purity laced with an intricate pattern of geometry of the dirham. The silver dirham in the meantime features an engraving of the unique serial number alongside its 1-dirham weight and 999.0 purity, the industry standard for minting products. Packaged in an elegant and beautifully crafted tag card featuring each coin’s unique serial number and the technical specifications, this dinar dirham product is a perfect addition to one’s precious metal collection. Here are 5 things that you NEED to know about this product: 1. It is made up of 0.53125 gram of pure 9999 GOLD and 2.975 gram of pure 999 SILVER 2. LIMITED EDITION: 5000 pieces  3. It comes with brand NEW PACKAGING 4. FIRST EVER Bimetal Coins for SEA Games held in Malaysia **Random Serial Number Interested kindly whatsapp me at +60195683010

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Platinum Park, Malaysia


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Postage : RM8 / RM12