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3 in 1 LED meter, a digital gadget for car interior, able to read: 1) Digital time - clear display of time in 12/24 hours format 2) Temperature - in & outside car, tells you the weather temperature, to fine-tune your air-cond 3) Voltage - indicate battery performance - 12.5-14.5 healthy electrical current for your car. This gadget is a preventive device, to avoid car breakdown due to weak battery Highly recommended for women driver, to alert for weak battery, and avoid being stranded on the road or in quiet parking lot - safety comes first for this device With crystal clear LED light, this device transform your dashboard into modern prestige car. You can even switch from blue to red or vice-versa, yes this 3 in 1 LED meter can change color depend on your mood! A highly practical meter for that extra good look on your dashboard.

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