4pcs/Set Large Robocar Poli Transformation Toy Robot Car Robocar

Seremban, Malaysia

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Highlight Korean Animation Robocar Poli Characters ToysVery Attractive & Colorful Play SetRobocar Poli, Helly, Amber and Ray in one TeamBest gifts for Kids age 3 years and up Description Robocar Poli is a South Korean animated children's television series . In Broom's Town, a small town with a strong Robocar rescue team, there are always accidents and troubles such as a car sliding off a cliff in the rain, a car crash, a child locked in a firehouse, and so on. In every episode, the Poli Robocar Rescue Team saves characters who are in danger. Children are able to learn many safety practices from the series. Collect the key players of Robocar Poli Series: Poli, Amber, Ray & Helly. These toy robots transform to toy cars. Best gifts for Kids age 3 years and up. Package Content 1 x Robocar Poli 1 x Robocar Amber 1 x Robocar Ray 1 x Robocar Helly

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