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Have you ever met this situation? The battery of your car is dead, and your car won't start, but you have something urgent to do. Where are you going to get help? How long will it take for a tow truck to reach you? What do you do in the meantime? This product may help you to solve the problem. Functions: --Jump start car battery to restart broke down engine (It can only start below 5L 12v gasoline car) --Charge laptop (with 8 different sizes of adapter connector heads given) --Has super bright SOS flashlight --Has emergency hammer to break your car window during emergency --USB port available to charge mobile phones, tablets, and other electronic devices' battery --Has a small blade/knife to cut off seat belt for emergency escape --Air compressor to inflate tire (Only available for package B) IMPORTANT NOTE: * PLEASE DO NOT JUMP START ANY BIG POWER CAR/VEHICLE (TRUCK and LORRY), the jump starter will be burnt * It can only start gasoline below 5L 12v car * if the cable + - was mixed, the cable will be short circuit * If the positive and negative electrode is mixed, the cable will be burnt. * Please make sure the jump starter have enough power, at least 80%, before jump start the vehicle. *If jump starter have not enough power, that would make the battery over-discharge. *Please do not store product under direct sunlight, or store at places with heat. Specifications: - Input: 15V, 2A. - Output: 5V/2A, 12V/2A,16V/3.5A,19V/3.5A. Output Voltage at auto start:12V Output Voltage at Laptop : 19V - Dimension: 170*84*32mm - USB Output: 5V-2A - Charge Mode: CC/CV 15V-1A - Start Current: 200A - Peak Current: 400A (3S) - Battery Charge Time: 4-5 hours - Output Power: 2A;12V 2A; 16V3.5A; 19V 3.5A Package A: 1 x 50800 mAh Multi-Function AUTO Emergency Start Power Bank 1 x Car charge 1 x Battery clip 1 x Notebook adapter cable 8 x Notebook connector 1 x USB Tie line(4 connector for cellphone) 1 x (US/EU/AU/UK) wall plug charger suit for your country 1 x User Manual 1 x Portable plastic box Notes: 1: make sure the battery capacity of the jump starter is at least 80% (at least 3 indicator lights stay ON). 2: connect the jump start cable to the drained battery of the vehicle; connect the red clamp to the positive '+' terminal and black clamp to the negative '-' terminal. 3: connect the jump start cable to the proper socket of the jump starter. 4: attempt to crank start the engine. If the engine does not start, wait at least 10 seconds before trying again. 5: disconnect the jump start cable from the jump starter within 10 seconds after the engine has been successfully started. If interested to buy, please call/sms/whatsapp (Bob) --> Maju Gajet Trading 0108026428 0108026428 0108026428 ## COD (Seremban) ## Pos Laju delivery only 1-2 working days arrive your house

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