[Add-On Service/Free Gift] Flyer Pack + Consignment Notes

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Kongsi Dengan Rakan-rakan

This post is strictly for those who which to purchase in small quantity flyer bags/ packaging AND consignment note. Anyone who make any purchase or during COD want to buy 1-5 flyer bags package including consignment notes do let me know. Selling price: 1-5 pieces / Size: S . Price: RM0.50 per piece. (Size of a small mousepad. Fits small items after e.g. pen, belt, small makeup items) 1-5 pieces / Size: M. Price: RM0.70 (Size of an A4 paper. Fits notepad, small exercise books, bottles) 1-5 pieces/ Size: L. Price: RM1 (This size can fit nicely a shoe box/ makeup kit set/3 bottles of 1 Liter water) *Please make sure all your items are wrapped with bubble wraps/plastics/nylon paper or cardboard to protect the items. This flyer pack - plastic is more durable thn normal plastic & leak likely to get rejected by Pos Admin. If you use your own plastic bags or paper bag it might get rejected as it does not protect from rain, impact while travelling. Benefits: - Not all Pos Laju including the HQ have ready stocks of flyer packs/bags - Most of the time they do not sell in small quantities. - Sometimes ran out of consignment notes and you will have to print your own consignment notes online or forced to purchase pre-paid package which is more expensive - No need to queue twice or make double trip - After packing your parcel in this flyer bags, just need to fill in the form & bring to the Pos Laju. Find the QMS machine, press for button Pos Laju OR if Pos Laju is not available press the button Pelbagai (means multiple). - Wait for your number to be called. Pass the parcel to admin. PAY for the weight of the parcel only.. no need to make additional payment for the packaging. - Saves time, pain & agony as the Pos Office can be crowded, ran out of packaging, you won't panic and fill in incorrect details. Sometimes wifi connection is terrible. ==========================================