Subang Jaya, Malaysia

Kongsi Dengan Rakan-rakan

ALBUM/LIGHTSTICK FOR SALE!!! 1)**LIMITED EDITION**BTS season greeting 2017 with jhope pc Rm300 2)Seventeen alone album w/o cd, photocard rm20 3)**LIMITED EDITION** Winner "winner collection" photobook only Rm50 4)IKON welcome back full album with yunhyeong welcome pack Rm75 5)SF9 burning sensation w/o pc Rm30 6)HALO "hello halo" with yoondong pc Rm35 7)HALO "grow up" with yoondong pc Rm35 8)Seventeen lightstick carat bong Rm220 9)Red velvet "the red summer" with photocard and poster Rm85 (photocard available:seulgi, Wendy, joy) 10)Red velvet "the red summer" exclude photocard and poster Rm45 11)NCT127 cherry bomb with winwin photocard Rm75 12)Red velvet rookie Irene version malaysia ver with seulgi pc Rm75 13)Twice signal pink version with nayeon cd plate Rm45 14)Twice signal blue version with dahyun cd plate Rm40 15)BTS orul album with sugar pc and poster Rm85 16)BTS 3rd muster DVD with group pc Rm230