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SS501 group albums: 1. SS501 - Rebirth (normal version) RM50 2. SS501 - Destination (limited edition) RM180 Solo albums: 1. Park jung min - Not alone (first single) RM30 2. Kim hyung jun - My girl (first mini) RM30 3. Heo young saeng - Let it go (first mini) RM30 4. Kim hyun joong - Turn me on (first mini) RM35 5. Kim hyun joong - Lucky (second mini) RM35 6. Kim hyun joong - Break down Rm35 Taiwanese/Chinese version CDs and DVDs: 1. 2005-2009 SS501 Five men's five years MBC DVD collection RM60 2. 2009 SS501 Asia tour 'PERSONA' in Japan RM35 3. 2009 SS501 U r man special concert (演唱會) RM30 4. 2009 SS501 in USA (first offshot collection) RM60 5. 2009 SS501 臺灣獨占初回限定盤CD+DVD RM35 6. 2010 SS501 The mission RM80 7. 2011 SS501 Begins! (5th anniversary DVD Box II) RM80

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