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All Price Listed Cheap Lush JAPAN Preorder


6 months ago by zzinzzee








CHEAP LUSH PRODUCTS FROM JAPAN 🇯🇵 STOCK UP ON YOUR LUSH PRODUCTS NOW!! Feel free to ask any questions! 🌷Definitely cheaper than Lush Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand etc. So stop wasting unnecessary money! 🕗 ETA: 20/12/2018 (Before Christmas) Perfect for if you want to get someone Lush Christmas gifts but don’t want to spend toooo much 😉 🌸 All products available from Lush Japan website except for online exclusives. *Christmas / limited edition products are available too! Here are the list of products available: FACE CLEANSING Ultrabland (RM69/45g RM102/90g) 9 to 5 (RM50/100g RM100/250g) FRESH CLEANSERS (RM55/100g RM120/250g) Buche de Noel Fresh Cleanser Angels on Bare Skin Let The Good Times Roll Herbalism Aqua Marina Dark Angels FACE MASK & SCRUBS Mask of Magnaminty RM55/125g RM100/315g Cup O’ Coffee RM60/100g RM100/250g Ocean Salt RM70/120g RM130/250g Coalface RM55/100g Fresh Farmacy RM55/100g Movis Rm50/100g Kalamazoo Beard and Face Wash RM60/90g RM111/230g JELLY MASK (RM55 each) Birth of Venus Bunny Moon Just To Clarify FOMO 1000 Millihelens Rudolph FRESH FACE MASK (RM50 each) Brazened Honey BB Seaweed Oatifix Cosmetic Warrior Rosy Cheeks Catastrophe Cosmetic The Sacred Truth Cupcake Don’t Look At Me TONERS (RM53/100g RM90/250g) Breath of Fresh Air Eau Roma Water Tea Tree Water MOISTURISERS Celestial (RM130) Cosmetic Lad (RM130) Imperialis (RM130) Enzymion (RM130) Enchanted Eye Cream (RM130) Skin Drink (RM130) Vanishing Cream (RM166) Magical Moringa Primer (RM212) Skin Shangri-La (RM240) Gorgeous (RM337) Grease Lightning (RM79) Full of Grace Serum Bar (RM58) SHAVING Dirty Shaving Cream (RM58/100g RM107/225g) Prince (RM58/100g RM107/225g) D’Fluff (RM59/70g RM100/150g) LIP SCRUB (RM50 each) Sugar Plum Fairy Cranberry Fizz Honey Bubblegum Mint Julips Chocolate LIP BALM (RM55 each) Honey Trap Lip Service Key Lime Rose Lollipop Whipstick Ultrabalm (RM80/45g) TOOTHY TABS (RM40 each) Dirty Limelight Boom! Miles of Smiles Tooth Fairy (RM50) MOUTHWASH TABS (RM48 each) Creme De Menthe Ugai Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster BATH BOMBS Golden Wonder (RM38) Shoot For The Stars (RM37) Sex Bomb (RM31) Twilight (RM33) Sakura (RM30) Rocket Science (RM26) Over and Over (RM34) Think Pink (RM34) Ickle Baby Bot (RM24) Guardian of The Forest (RM34) Cheer Up Buttercup (RM26) Lord of Misrule (RM33) Butterbear (RM26) Avobath (RM30) Yellow Submarine (RM33) The Experimenter (RM34) Dragon’s Egg (RM33) Big Blue (RM31) Intergalactic (RM34) Luxury Lush Pud (RM37) Eyeball (RM37) World’s Smallest Disco (RM38) Holey Night (RM33) Perle De Sel (RM37) Cherry Christmas (RM31) Princess Bomb Bomb (RM69) Santa Bomb Bomb (RM69) Snowman Bomb Bomb (RM69) JELLY BOMB Secret Arts (RM39) Snow Fairy (RM39) Turtle (RM40) Ectoplasm (RM39) The Big Sleep (RM39) Others are available too eg shampoo bars, shampoo, conditioner, shower scrub, shower jelly, shower gel, shower cream, soap bars, knot wraps, bath oils, bubble bars, hair treatment, roots, hot oil treatment, henna, massage bars, shimmer bars, makeup, eyeliner, mascara, skin tint, highlighter, bronzer, perfume, solid perfumes, body spray, rose jam, sleepy, lotion, hand cream, hand mask, foot soak, foot cream, deodorant, foot scrub etc all available. Please dm for specific item price. Thank you!



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1 week ago
6iu6iu6iuCommunication with seller was a bit slow but more
2 months ago
zzinzzeeI responded you within a day and I don’t think that’s too bad.. You made an offer and gave me your mailing details after I told you it was stretchable, also gave u RM10 discount so yeahh 😕😕 I’m sorry it didn’t fit you
kordylolvery nice seller!💜✨Thank you!💖💖💖
2 months ago