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🌟现货 Ready Stock🌟 Anion Air Purifier负离子空气净化神器 You who often smoking / car smell and so on, how can your car dont have this little air purifier? 平时爱抽烟的你/车内有异味等等,车内怎么能少了这净化神器呢? ✔ Natural bamboo charcoal smell 自然竹碳的清香 ✔ Anion function to purify the air at the same time can remove the taste / smoke and so on 负离子功能净化空气♻同时能除去导味/烟味等等 ✔ No longer smoke around, breathing smooth 不再烟雾围绕,吸呼顺畅 ✔ Exquisite appearance, fresh and natural 外观精致,清新自然 ✔ Usb plug, inside the car, the room is not a problem Usb插头,车内,房间内等等都不是问题 Selling 卖价:RM 55 WM 西马 + RM 8 EM 东马 + RM 12 Parcel received (7/14). working days upon payment 付款后(7/14)日工作天到货

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postage RM8 WM/ RM12 EM