Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kongsi Dengan Rakan-rakan

Announcement. First od all, Im truely sorry for the inconvenience that happens thorough out the deal till now. Yes, as i informed before there will be no additional payment as i bought them all myself in sum (later if you received the album you can see tag sensor at the back of the album as proof that i bought it directly from sum) but unfornately luck was not at myside when i did tried all my best to bring back the albums to malaysia. Yes all managed to bring back to malaysia, sadly i had to used ems. So there will be additional payment since i cannot afford all myself and i did covered half of it and hoping for you guys to covered the other half. Secondly, if you wondering why i used ems instead of brought it back with flight. Here the explaination, yes i supposed to bring back all the albums with flight but it was overweight (1 cherrybomb=0.500g and i got 30+) so airasia only allowed us to booked until 40kg. So yeah other option is ems. Though the ems is expensive, i tried my best to bring them back as i dont want to lost trust from my buyers. Thirdly, since i already covered it half you have to cover the half to let me post the albums as soon as possible. Additional payment is RM5 for each album If you buy more than one it will be RM5+RM3=RM8 You can pay and inform me i will noted your name after that. The soon you pay the sooner i will send. Next post is on monday. Please dont argue why why why. I did explain all above. Thank you.