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Applecrumby & Fish Chlorine Free Premium Baby Pull Up Diaper M22/L20/XL18/XXL16


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Applecrumby & Fish Chlorine Free Premium Baby Pull Up Diaper M22/L20/XL18/XXL16 Size: M22 pieces Age: 5 - 10kg Size: L20 pieces Age: 9 - 14kg Size: XL18 pieces Age: 12 - 18kg Size: XXL16 pieces Age: 18>kg Our super-absorbent, chlorine free diapers pull ups (pants) are made with naturally derived, plant-based, and sustainable materials! The back sheet is seriously ultra soft, the top sheet is dye free and beehived textured for extra absorbency, our pulp is without chlorine processing and additives (like fragrances, lotions, and latex), the stretchable waistband is super comfortable, the dye free barrier cuffs act as excellent triple leak guard, and our top sheet also comes with wetness indicator strips so you can tell when a diaper is soiled! Oh, and did we mention that our diapers are one of the very few Chlorine Free Diapers in the market? Unique Selling Points: Processed Chlorine Free Plant Derived Pulp from USA's Weyerhaeuser Simply pure — made without latex, fragrances, toxic dye or lotions Fragrance Free, Dye Free Wetness Indicator Strips tell you when your baby needs a change of diaper! Ultra Comfy full 360 degrees stretch waistbands Roll Up Tape on each diaper for easy disposal needs Easy Tear Away sides for simple removal Naturally breathable and naturally derived odour blockers Ultra-soft plant-based (PLA) top and beehive textured back sheets — gentle on your baby’s bottom Triple Leak Guard, Dye Free Barrier Cuffs for the perfect leak protection. Dye free protects your baby from getting nasty rashes on skin contact areas. Japan Imported Sumitomo SAP Super absorbent and soft Premium quality and non-premium pricing Applecrumby Says: "Got Diapers?" "Mommies, you deserve the best of Baby Diapers have to offer. One of the very few Chlrone Free Diapers Pull Ups, of premium quality, with its gorgeous packaging and yet super affordable - Applecrumby Chlorine Free Premium Baby Diapers has spared no expense in coming up with the best possible curation of ingredients, quality and design, so you can have the best of them all. Get them in bundles for the best value! Now you can indulge your baby in premium Baby Diaper Pull Ups minus the Chlorine. without burning a hole in your pocket! Try our Baby Diapers, you would love it!" #applecrumby #fish #chlorinefree #pull #up #diaper #pants #L #size

Applecrumby & Fish


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