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Butiran produk whatsapp 0182941089 yg benar2 sahaja   Details of the Deal   Over time, dust, dirt, debris, cold and heat could damage the rubber wipers and reduce their performance significantly - leaving more than just undesirable scratches.   The handy thingamajig turn your wipers anew and save the hassle of buying and changing wiper blades.  It is designed to clean and sharpen your cars windshield wipers resulting in better contact between the blade and your windscreen for better performance. Contains scientifically engineered microcrystals, it smooth away the rough edges that cause streaks across your windscreen. Simply slide the Wiper Wizard onto the edge of the wiper blade and slide back and forth over the entire wiper blade and wipe away any access debris. Your wipers will work like new again maintaining streak free and noise free visibility and improving driving performance.  

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