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-Silently & Efficiently helps rid your vehicle of hot -stale & stuffy air -even on scorching summer days! The solar powered car vent eliminates hot air & odors from your vehicle. Ultimately reducing the interior temperature of the vehicle. Runs directly on natural -FREE solar energy. There is no drain on your vehicle's battery & no batteries to replace/recharge! Preserve & protect vehicle's interior -valuable stereo& electronic equipment from the damaging effects of extreme heat build-up Product Details With Auto cool solar powered fan As Seen On TV even on the hottest days, your parked car is kept cooler and the air fresher thanks to this solar-powered vent fan. It maintains a safe, comfortable temperature level for your return. Place Autocool vent on top of window, then close window and lock up. It's solar panel uses sunlight - not the car's electrical wiring or batteries - to power the built-in fan. Fresh air is drawn in as hot, stale air vents out. Autocool even helps to eliminate pet and tobacco odors. Auto Cool Installs in seconds and fits windows on all makes and models.

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RM10 (West Malaysia) RM16 (East Malaysia)