Kongsi Dengan Rakan-rakan

Condition: 9/10 Colour: Blue Product description: Convenient - Warms milk & baby food easily at home and in the car Safe - Heats gently and gradually Easy to Use - Add water and adjust the settings Ideal for all types of feeds - For milk & baby food from the freezer, fridge or room temperature Fits most bottles and baby food jar - wide enough to fit most bottle brands such as Avent, Tommee Tippee, MAM, Dr Browns, etc Uses: 40 C - for warming up milk and keeping warm automatically 70 C - for warming up baby food 100 C - for sterilising feeding accessories (e.g. feeding spoons, teethers, teats, screw rings) Warnings: Do not use warmer when the car is moving Keep out of reach of children at all times be warned that the hot water in the warmer can cause severe burns and scalding. Please take precautions at all times.

Pilihan Urus Janji


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