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Kongsi Dengan Rakan-rakan

BABY BEAN BAG PRICE: RM96.00 postage RM12.00(sm) Description: Age: From Birth to 30kg Size (filled): L: 72cm W: 52cm Pride of place goes to the world famous “doomoo seat” a bean bag type seat which can be used from birth until little one reaches the weight of 30kg (normally at about the age of 7 or 10). The doomoo seat has a strong fabric base, somewhat eliptical in shape with a gentle slope which you can “shape” either to become “a seat” or “a bed”. The “shape” is obtained simply by moulding the seats micro ball filling which is covered by a luxury stretchy fabric which is incredibly soft. The doomoo seat is supplied with both a security cover and an everyday cover and the user has an option to use either, as both simply zips onto the seats static fabric. As the name suggests the security cover (with a three point harness) is for newborns and is designed to stop him or her from rolling off the seat. Take care however………. as newborns grow!!!.... and as he or she starts to move, the security cover should be replaced with the everyday cover. Obviously both covers on the doomoo seat are machine washable. Material: Soft fabric **PENGHANTARAN KE SABAH/SARAWAK MENGUNAKAN AMBER, PELANGGAN PERLU BAYAR SENDIRI KOS POS SEMASA TERIMA BARANG. #barangbabymurahmalaysia #babystuff #instababy #babygap #babyshop #barangbayimalaysia #barangbayionline #barangbayibudakmurah #barangbabycomel #barangbabysales #barangbabyinsta #babyproductmalaysia #bajubudakmurah #babybeanbag #beanbagmurahmalaysia