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DETAILS This section is fully functional,and the operation is very simple, regardless of adjusting the volume,timing ,for tracks,gear shift,etc., are only one button you can easily solve,compared to knob_style control panel is more advanced,convenient,stylish and simple 1.REMOVABLE TOY RACK 2.DOLL 3.COLLAPSE BUTTON 4.CONTROL PANEL 5.BATTERY BOX AND AC POWER JACK 6.HIGH DENSITY NETS WITH LACE EMBROIDERY 7.IMPORTS OF DIAGONAL CLOTH AND OTHER ANTI-WHALE 8.ADJUST THER ROCKER LEVEL BUTTON 9.THICKENING PAINT PIPE,BEARING 20KG 10.ANTI-SLIP BASE ,THE BUTTOM OF SUPER-SOFT RUBBER SLIP 11. MAXIMUM WEIGHT : 18KG .

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