Baby Finger Toothbrush – Set of 3 for Babies & Toddlers, Kids Love Them - 3 Different Case Colors: Blue, Pink, Clear; Soft Bristles, Train Your Child Healthy Oral Habits

Kangar, Malaysia

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KEY SPECIFICATIONS • TRAIN YOUR CHILD WITH HEALTHY ORAL HABITS, Kids love our finger toothbrushes and they are recommended by dentists! • They are made from 100% food-grade, toxic-free, BPA-free, FDA-approved, premium silicone material. • The soft and resilient bristles provide a gentle, massaging feel. Dual-sided design allows for also cleaning the tongue with massaging bumps. The design conforms to your finger for a comfortable, secure fit. They are also incredibly easy to clean. • The health of your child is so important, you will require more than one toothbrush, whether for home or travel. With 3 deluxe colors (blue, pink, and clear), you always have a spare. In addition, our toothbrushes are also popularly used with cats, dogs, and other pets! FEATURES Brand: Little Jump Model : bb307-2 Warranty type : No Warranty PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Are you looking for premium quality? - Are you and your child tired of toothbrushes that are difficult to use? - Are you looking for a premium design? - Do you want high-end quality when it comes to brushing your baby’s gums and teeth? Introducing BabyBaus Finger Toothbrushes Perfect for your baby, whether they have started to teeth or not. They’re cool and they help remove reduce plaque and tartar buildup. The most important investment in your life is your child. Start their healthy and hygienic oral habits from the very start. Get your set of 3 today! Why choose BabyBaus Finger Toothbrushes? Not all materials you buy out there are made the same. Our toothbrushes are completely safe for your child.

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Kangar, Malaysia

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