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Discover n' Grow Kick & Play Piano Gym PRICE : RM160(SM) WHATSAPP : 012-248.2821 . . 🕷As baby plays, new discoveries are made and key developmental skills get stronger and stronger. . 🕷As baby stretches and kicks at the piano keys or bats at and reaches for the busy activity toys, gross motor skills are enhanced. . 🕷Music, lights and bright colors stimulate baby’s senses. Help baby learn the connection between actions and reactions. 🕷Put baby’s foot within reach of the piano. From there, it’s bound to happen: baby’s foot will connect and activate a fun and rewarding response from the gym! . Features: . 🐞3 ways to play! Lay & play; Tummy time; Sit & play 5 busy activity toys & a large mirror 🐞Dancing lights & music reward baby as she kicks the piano keys 🐞Short or long-play music—up to 15 minutes Soft, comfy mat 🐞Power/volume control **weight ; 5kg .