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DETAILS size:73x61cm Music:12songs Three speed setting  GIVE THE SEAT A LIGHT PUSH TO START SWINGING MOTION ADJUST THE POWER SITCH TO THE DESIRED WING MOTION SETTING  CAUTION: AC-DC adapter will works atAC 110V-230V. Adapter will not charge the batteries. if you want to use batteries only ,please pull off the DC plug .(AA BATTERY 4PCS )battry not included CARE 1.Pad face/back:Polyester 100% Fill:Polyester fiber  The pad is machine washable.Wash cold,gentle cycle.No bleach.Tumble dry ,low heat . To remove the pad: 1.Lift the foot rest and remove the pad lower pocket  2.Push the waist belt back through the pad. 3.Slide the pad upper pocket pff the seat back tube.

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