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condition : 8/10 2 in 1 Multifunctional Baby Walker With Music and Educational Toy Sit & Play for 9-18 months Babies and Stand & Walk for 9-36 months With Mini Phone, Drawing Board and Mini Music Instrument It helps Intelligence Development, Color Recognization, Muscle Development, Memorizing ability, Creative Ability, Auditory Development and Touch Development A MUST HAVE partner for your kid during the stage of 9-36 months Intelligence Development Color recognition -The cognition of different colors and shapes; Muscle development -Learn walk by strolling can exercise balance sense of babies and drive the development of muscle of babies arms and legs Memorizing ability -When a baby is 9 months old, the baby can play music box and paint wordpad on baby walker to exercise the grabbing ability and flexibility of the baby's hands. Creation ability board can make babies open their imagination and inspire their creation ability Auditory development: Sound of nature and cheerful music, which helps stimulate the baby's auditory development. Touch development The concave and convex shape and texture can stimulate the baby's touch development PREFER whatsapp 011-33297881

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