Backout Buyer

Cyberjaya, Malaysia

Kongsi Dengan Rakan-rakan

In line to my newest chain of negative feedback from a certain buyer >>> @cleopatrasz you can see a serious cursing and vulgar words are being used towards me and its so unprofessional to use the feedback for personal disappointment. Note to the buyer, educate yourself because there is even an act of buying and selling online in Malaysia so that u don't misused the apps and internet for ur frustration lash towards ppl that u don't meet face to face.. Ur act and ur words are parallel to be V uncool and as u can see its really as simple as a backout buyer means backout buyer.. there's no way around it.. at least have a curtesy to inform that u cancel rather than shouting abuse on feedback.. #iusecarousellforbusiness #prelovedandsomenewitems #freepostagelasttillmidnighttoday #freepostage