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Bendix Metal King Titanium front brake pads Application: NISSAN Latio 1.6 Grand Livina NOTE: This is Bendix METAL KING TITANIUM SERIES premium pad, not to be mistaken for normal Bendix General CT. Some shop tell you its the same, however its not. Rated max continuous working temp: 450C absolute peak temperature: 700C This is high performance brake pad (imported) to solve your poor OEM/stock brake pad performance quality issue. better bite performance, better stopping distance, better safety. Improve your braking performance right now, shorter stopping distance Titanium series, does not causing severe wear to rotor compared to Metal King Gold. Ready to work harder, cooler, longer. The new Bendix Metal King Titanium pads are made to exceed the requirement of all medium to large vehicle types and of heavy duty application. It is an ultimate choice. They are made from a specifically developed compound formulated to deliver real heavy duty performance for all sorts of load carrying situations whether it is the demands of city driving or the hard grind of construction sites. Bendix Metal King Titanium brake pads are in fact ideal for all heavy duty application under any situation involving frequent hard braking under load COD area KL

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia