Beware Of These Multiple Accounts !

Ipoh, Malaysia

Kongsi Dengan Rakan-rakan

Just a heads up , this seller has a few accounts , pls refer the pictures for the account names She is a scammer , once you bank in she will not reply you .. I did not pay her or buy from her as I had some doubts , as I saw some comments on her listings that she's gone MIA and not replying her customers I was interested in buying and item , but when I asked her questions she went missing , which confirmed my doubts.. and later on she deleted that item and never replied me .. She was selling an item that is sold on Sephora for rm750 and she listed it for rm350 and claims it's preorder , and buys with her Sephora points , which is not possible So anyway just wanted to warn you guys about this account / scammer Do msg me if you want to know more about this... And lastly do ask questions to the seller and see their feedbacks before you decide to buy from them ..