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BLACKBOARD SIZE: 200 x 60cm BLACK COLOUR FREE 5 pcs chalk + FREE POSTAGE Peninsular: RM35 Sabah/Sarawak: RM40 WHITEBOARD SIZE: 200 x 45cm WHITE COLOUR FREE 1 PCS MAKER PEN + FREE POSTAGE Peninsular: RM40 Sabah/Sarawak: RM45 #Environmental certification and quality quarantee #Glue can be removed without hurting the wall space #Thick and solid texture with no white edge and penetration HOW TO USE >Cut the blackboard copybook to the size you need >Select a smooth and dry plane to wipe clean >Tear off the bed die of the back,fix position,paste while tearing off >After pasting,trowel by hand >Make graffiti on it >Erase them with cloth >Blackboard copybook can be torn off again without hurting the wall space SCOPE OF APPLICATION >Wall space with oil paint >Surface of ceramic tile >Surface of glass >Surface of metal >Surface of wood >Smooth surface of wallpaper >Surface of plastic NOT APPLY TO THE SCOPE OF APPLICATION >Wall space of dropping ash >Surface of potholes >Uneven surface of wallpaper

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