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Bosch Double Platinum Spark Plugs (6719-4) FR7LLP30X OE Technology Original under Robert Bosch Malaysia Distribution from Nuovo Commerce Sdn Bhd Products with 4 pcs spark plugs and you can register online at bosch.nuovosite.com to enjoy genius warranty. Description:- Bosch platinum spark plugs are the newest member of OE fine wire spark plug family. Bosch platinum spark plugs are engineered to provide you with improved ignitability and performance. The OE fine wire platinum design delivers optimum fit and function for 2 times longer service life compared to standard copper plugs. And, with a 4-year performance satisfaction guarantee, you're assured lasting performance. Compatible for Honda City 03~17,Jazz,BRV,CRZ,CRV,Civic 8th Gen 1.8 & 2.0i,Odyssey 02~08,Stream,Accord 6th,7th,8th & 9th Gen 2.0 VTi-L (R20A3) Chevrolet Cruze RRP:RM249 NOW only RM139

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