Brand New Cloth Napkins, Nappy Liners, waterproof changing pad (xl size), And Safety Pins

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Selling the bundle of 1. Puréen Cloth napkins (cotton) 10 pcs brand new unopened bought at rm30 2. Tollyjoy safety nappy pins brand new, opened but never used bought at RM5.50 3. Puréen nappy liners 100 pcs opened and used 30 liners (my son doesn't use cloth napkins, only when he had diaper rash he used the cloth diaper) bought at rm14.10. Kept very hygienically in plastic bag in drawer after box opened. 4. Stretchable nappy fasteners, discarded the wrapping but never been used, don't remember how much I bought for 5. Puréen Changing Pad xl size, 19"x28" waterproof and easily folded/portable for changing nappies on the go. All for RM40 excluding postage.

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Add RM10 for postage or pick up in Serdang Raya