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BTS DOLL CLOTHES 5th closet of kookieclothing by @kookieclothing


Sungai Petani

🎈SPECIFICATION & PRICE: ALL FOR 20CM DOLL 👍 1. Kindergarten set (Hat + shirt + suspenders + bag) =RM32 2. Mario (hat+T-shirt+suspenders)=RM32 3. Banana Hoodie (hoodie+bag)= RM23 4.Shiva Hoodie =RM25 5.Detective set (Jacket + Blouse + Pants) =RM32 6.Rabbit hoodie (hoodie+bag) = RM23 7. Sky Bear (hat+hoodie)= RM28 8. Leather Jacket Set (Jaket + hoodie)=RM32 9. Bear Set (hat + t-shirt + Suspenders pants) = RM35 10. Banana Cloak =RM25 11.Boy blouse =RM20 12. Peach pouch = RM35 13. Sukajan Jacket =RM30 14. Donkey (Hat + t-shirt + Suspenders pants) =RM38 15. Coconut Cloak =RM25 ** for more clothes pic in Deadline: 30th July 2017 Order Form Link: * The price does not include INTERNATIONAL & DOMESTIC POSTAGE will be inform by email. * Deal with me if you want to buy some because I want to buy too. 😅

2 years ago In K-Wave

Listed by unpredictable_


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