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Hello! Who wants to adopt Jin's fox doll? I wanna take some orders from a group order so it will be easier eh eh. . PRICE : RM118 *not inclusive ems, local postage πŸ’– 1 x 20 CM Doll [Jjinrang] πŸ’– Red Cloak πŸ’– White shirt + Ribbon πŸ’– Pants πŸ’– Pink Overalls Set πŸ’– Electromagnetic Sticker πŸ’– Sticker πŸ’– Transparent photo card Don't worry about the EMS, the cost is not too expensive because it had been divided by the number of slots that I take the order. Just if you order it I'll list it and collect the number of slots and buy it from the group order. DATELINES: 1st payment : 27 AUGUST 2nd Payment: TBA (payment for EMS & Local Postage) *a notice will be sent through email for the 2nd payment

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It's exclude International Shipping cost and Postage costs ^