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BTS Official MD & BTS Speak Yourself Tour Final MD Pre-order GO


2 weeks ago by izzahwanali






BTS Official MD & BTS Speak Yourself Tour FINAL MD Pre-order Deadline: Until stocks last (With every 5 orders, I’ll purchase on Weply asap) • Limited slots per item! • Prices EXC EMS & Postage to WM/EM (2nd payment info will be informed later) ** Refunds will be given if I can’t get your order! ** Loose order can only be done if 5 members are confirmed! 1. BTS Official Lightstick Keyring Ver. 3 (RM56) 2. BTS Official Rings (RM206) 3. BTS Official Slogan (RM68) 4. BTS Official Lightstick Case (RM56) 5. BTS Official Lightstick Ver. 3 (RM124) 6. BTS SY Final Mini Photocard - 8ea [NO SLOTS] 7. BTS SY Final Photo Set - 8ea (RM56) 8. BTS SY Final Poster Set (RM56) 9. BTS SY Final Poster Ver. 1 (RM30) 10. BTS SY Final Poster Ver. 2 (RM30) 11. BTS SY Final Image Picket (RM30 ea) - LIMIT 1 per member & group picket [RM & JK ❎] 12. BTS SY Final Premium Photo (RM34) - LIMIT 1 per member premium photo [RM, J-Hope, Jimin, V & JK ❎] 13. BTS SY Final Wall Photo (RM68) 14. BTS SY Final Memorial Label Tag (RM56) 15. BTS SY Final Towel (RM68) 16. BTS SY Final Zip Up Hoodie (RM243) 17. BTS SY Final Long Sleeve T-Shirt (RM168) 18. BTS SY Final Short Sleeve T-Shirt (RM131) 19. BTS SY Final Snapback Cap (RM183) 20. BTS SY Final Ball Cap (RM161) 21. BTS SY Final Cross Bag (RM120) 22. BTS SY Final Mini Flag (RM30) - LIMIT 1 per member & group mini flag 19. BTS SY Final Acrylic Keyring (RM68) - LIMIT 1 per member 20. BTS SY Final Keyring (RM68) 21. BTS SY Final Image Picket Cover (RM30) 22. BTS SY Final Roll Sticker (RM38) 23. BTS SY Final Can Badge (RM23) - RANDOM 1ea DM for more details!! Tags: BTS, Bangtan Sonyeondan, ARMY, RM, Namjoon, NJ, Jin, JN, Seokjin, SJ, Suga, SG, Yoongi, YG, J-Hope, JH, Hoseok, HS, Jimin, JM, V, Taehyung, TH, Jungkook, JK

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