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MENERIMA/MEMBELI/MENJUAL KERETA SAMBUNG BAYAR TO VIEW ALL THE CARS IN OUR HANDS VISIT: http://carfinder1malaysia.blogspot.my 1) COMPLETE AGREEMENT FROM OWNER 2) OWNER’S IC AND JPJ TRANSFER FORM 3) POLICE REPORT FROM OWNER 4) BANK AUTHORISED LETTER >>> WE ALSO ACCEPT TRADE IN CAR *WE PROVIDE DELIVERY SERVICES FOR BUYERS OUTSIDE SELANGOR AND KUALA LUMPUR. CONTACT : SILA HUBUNGI KAMI SEGERA 24 JAM CALL / SMS / WHATSAPP : Klik link biru untuk terus whatsapp app *** WHATSAPP ****** Http://www.wasap.my/60176878629 (CHRISS) Http://www.wasap.my/60182921129 (NOR) Http://www.wasap.my/601139999122 (KELVIN) Http://www.wasap.my/60182727197 (ARY) Http://www.wasap.my/60183221261 (HELMY) ☎CALL: 03-92022383 (OFFICE) ☎CALL/WHATSAPP: 017-6878629 (CHRISS) ☎CALL/WHATSAPP: 018-2921129 (NOR) ☎CALL/WHATSAPP: 0111-3999122 (KELVIN) ☎CALL/WHATSAPP: 018-2727197 (ARY) ☎CALL/WHATSAPP: 018-3221261 (HELMY)

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