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Travel Safe & Sound The Sweet Cherry LB303 Dean Carseatis suitable for babies and toddlers of up to 18kg. Use this seat in a rear-facing position for infants under 10kg and a forward-facing seat for toddlers between 10 to 18kg. This dual-facing car seat features 3 seating positions plus an adjustable backrest. The safety harness is padded for extra comfort and effectiveness, in just one easy step, your child is fastened in and secured.

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Klang, Malaysia

Hanya untuk Customer yang sudah bank transfer (x payah bayar postage ) dan hanya boleh meet up di area Klang shj.😊

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This item is ships from OVERSEA Only prefer by bank transfer and postage (Semenanjung Malaysia )😊 1)Air Express- RM11 PER KG (5-7Day) 2)Sea shipping- RM6 PER KG (1 month )