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Castle Tent play House Color: Blue/Pink Fabric : Dacron nylon Dimensions Unfold : 105cm (diameter) x 135cm(height) Dimensions Fold: approx 8 x 43 cm / 3.15 x 16.93 inch (H x Dia.) Frame: Steel Weight: approx 900g/31.75oz Package Included: 1 x Children's Princess Tent 16x Frame 1 x Bag Introduction: 1. With high-quality and eco-friendly materials, it is attractive, breathable and non-irritating 2. It is safe, reliable and easy to fold 3. Easy to clean, you just need to gently wipe dirt with a damp cloth 4. The curtain can be rolled up, which extends the play space 5. High-density and anti-mosquito gauze can prevent kids from mosquito bites 6. Light and compact, it is easy to carry after being folded without occupying much space 7. It provides personal space for your kid and is an ideal companion whilegoing travel with kid

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