Cat Repellent GREEN3PRO Eco Cat Away Cat Repellent Spray - 500ML

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Easy to Use Natural & Effective Plant & Animal Safe Eco-Friendly Stray cats are a menace to our household, they spread disease,cause lice infestation and leave unwanted droppings around our house compounds. Green3 Pro has come up with a solution to completely deter cats away from your housing compound without killing them. This non-chemical product will prevent cats entering your housing compound. Made entirely using plant extracts, the working mechanism of this product converts your house to an UNWANTED AREA for the cat to enter. Eco Cat Away is an all-natural and ready-to-use spray, incredibly effective in repelling cats Direction for Use Sprayed directly at outdoor surface, for example lawns, gardens, landscaped beds, trees, shrubs, garbage cans or bags and other areas where pets and/or strays are not wanted. Shake well before using.

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