Charlie Banana Reusable Diaper Pink Robot

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Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

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One size diaper We love cloth diapers for their many benefits. Charlie Banana® diapers are a "2-in-1" reusable diaper system. It's a cloth diaper but with a smart front panel that gives you the option of tucking in a disposable pad for those special occasions. With Charlie Banana® diapers, you get the best of both diaper worlds! Charlie Banana® One Size or Size diapers are a 2-in-1 system. You can use washable inserts or disposable inserts. It's a diaper with options! We recommend you stuff the inside with reusable inserts. However, we know there are times when you need to be able to use a disposable insert, for instance while traveling or when leaving your child with someone unaccustomed to cloth diapers. Age: Newborn – 30 months Weight 6-35lbs / 3- 16kg Waist: 10- 24in /25 – 60 cm Thigh: 4.5 – 14 in /11.5 – 35 cm Rise 12-16 in / 30 – 40 cm Includes: 2 Diaper Inserts Diaper Size: One Size Features: Snap Closure Material: Polyester Safety and Security Features: Chlorine-free Protective Qualities: Leak-Proof Care and Cleaning: Machine Wash, Tumble Dry Medium Condition: used few times only, clean like new Retail price ard rm90