Citrine quartz crystal prosperity bonsai tree

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Place Citrine crystal bonsai tree in the home or office to attract wealth and prosperity. Citrine also increases creativity and honesty. It does not absorb negative energies from its surroundings and therefore, does not need special cleansing. According to Feng Shui experts, Citrine will be extremely powerful during the period 8 (yr 2004 to 2024) which is of the Earth element. Citrine comes from the earth and has an earthy color.. This, it's energies and potency will be enhanced and be more effective. Chinese wordings on vase symbolizes wealth and prosperity. In good condition, used as a decor and display item only. Price is ONO and has been reduced from RM 118 as first listed. Overall height : 13" Height of tree : 10"

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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