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----- [CLOSED] Thank you for those who already submit an order :) ----- 🌿Taking group order for BTS albums 🌿Trusted seller, don't worry 😆 🌿The price EXCLUDING EMS and local postage (Please promote this to your friends to get cheaper shipping cost 😘 🌿Non profit order 🌿2nd payment will be announce after the batch closed. 🌿Dateline : till 7/08 (better fast!) 🌿Please! No backout buyer... List of albums: 🎵Single album [2 cool 4 skool] - Rm44 🎵1st mini album [O!RUL8,2?] - Rm49 🎵2nd mini album [Skoll Luv Affair - Rm49 🎵1st album [Dark & Wild] - Rm60 🎵3rd mini album [In The Mood of Love pt.1] - Rm53 🎵For you - Rm106 🎵For you (cd+dvd) - Rm131 🎵NOW3 in CHICAGO - Rm163 🎵Young Forever - Rm77 🎵Memories of 2015 - Rm162 🎵Youth (first limited edition, imported direct from Japan) - Rm252 🎵Summer package in Dubai 2016 - Rm140 🎵2nd album [Wings] - Rm56 🎵You never walk alone - Rm67 🌿Please promote this to your friends so we can get the cheaper shipping price... 😘 ETA : 2 - 3 WEEKS AFTER BATCH CLOSE 🌿To order or more info please click chat or just whatsapp : 01110346440 (Saki)

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RM7 [WM] , RM8.50 [EM]